Dryp IV Therapy & Wellness

Dryp screen t.png

Neetu has designed his site on Squarespace, and set up an e-commerce page to sell wellness packages and vitamins. By his own admission, it could have looked better, and he was wanting a more professional image online, that reflected his brand, was easy to navigate, and was attractive to potential and existing clients.

To give a more cohesive look, the images were given a blue overlay, so they didn’t detract from the brand colours. Neetu was able to supply additional text to explain his services and products in more detail, and higher resolution images were added to the online store. As a little design touch, HLD added customised bullet points that matched the logo.

The overall result looks great, and there is still room for Neetu to add additional services and online products as his business grows and changes.

Kati was excellent to work with- not only did she understand the scope of work, but provided additional, creative ideas for updating my website. I have worked with other people for my website design in the past, and this was by far the easiest with best results yet. I highly recommend Kati, Thank you!
— Neetu - Owner, Dryp IV Therapy & Wellness