Time & How To Spend It

time screen (1).png

James had prior experience with Squarespace, and was looking to get a new website up and running for his latest book. In order to keep costs down, he was happy for the overall design to be completed by Hot Lizard Designs, and then confident to make minor adjustments later on.

The design brief was to focus on the book, as well as capture email addresses for special promotions, free resources, and a free chapter download. These were set up behind a password-protected page, with the password emailed through once visitors had submitted their email address.

James also wanted to make sure that testimonials for his book stood out, and so we came up with a dark blue background with white writing that matched his book colour scheme - both eye-catching and cohesive at the same time.

Wow. Kati said she could do it, and she DELIVERED. And as well as great work, Kati’s really nice to work with... I say ‘with’ especially because creating a website always has complications & queries & you discover what you really want as you go along. Kati’s flexible and helpful & patient & created a beautiful website for me.
— James, Time & How To Spend It