secops screen t3.png

Dermot had set up a basic Squarespace website, but needed help to transform the site into a more professional looking site that clearly highlighted the services SecOps offered.

The original website had a main banner image of Auckland, and didn’t really mention what the company was, or how it helped other companies with their cyber security needs.

It was agreed that the website would have a more modern look with a technology feel, without using the standard stock images. The home page was a longer scrolling page that shows the company expertise and the different services on offer, and there are also more ‘call to action’ buttons placed throughout the site to make getting in touch even easier. HLD also advised about a free online chat function to help visitors engage with the company on a more informal basis. If the online chat was very popular, there is the option to upgrade to fit the company needs.

Thank you!
— Dermot, SecOps