Montebello Residences

Montebello trans.png

The original website had been started using Developer Mode, but the client was not completely happy with the result, and wanted to make changes.  After a brief consultation and further email correspondence, a new template design was chosen that better suited their needs.  

Additional features such as music playing on the Home Page, an interactive telephone number for mobile users, scrolling images, and Google maps with nearby attractions were utilised to give this site more of a 'wow' factor for visitors.

Design features include:

  • branding of site to match company logo and target audience

  • integration of Google maps

  • set up of audio file to auto-play on home page

  • scrolling galleries

  • lightbox set up for floor plan images - allows visitors to click to enlarge image

Thank you for your time and patience. We thought you were lovely and would recommend you as potential to anyone looking to create a website.
— Yasmine & Bob, B.G., USA