Josh Kwanten

josh kwanten screenshot t.png

Josh wanted to create a personalised website that was still connected to the company he worked for, OTI Power. Although the company already had a website, Josh felt that this was too generic, and wouldn’t appeal to his high end residential clients.

HLD suggested that Josh added specific information that he wanted clients to know about him, the services he offered, and why potential clients should choose Josh to help with their solar panel needs.

Josh was able to supply some content and company logos before starting, and the website was completed within 48 hours. Hot Lizard Designs sourced relevant images to be used as banners, and additional graphic design on the profile picture to match the branding of OTI Power. The design is minimalist and easy to navigate, as the main purpose is to get clients to contact Josh for more details.

The website design was also copied over to his MailChimp template to ensure consistency, using the same main images, profile pic, logos, and colour scheme.

Looking great! I just showed my colleague the new website, and he thinks it looks great!

For MailChimp, it’s unreal! Looks just how I would like it.
— Josh