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When Catherine from Wild Willett Food asked if I was able to design a website for her new company within 24 hours, I was definitely up for the challenge!

Her team already had a Squarespace website set up, but with the coding used by a previous designer to replicate the footer to match the design brief, they were not able to get the rest of the site to match the designs. Time was running out as they needed their website up and running for a major food expo the following day, and wanted an online presence to promote their range of jerky snacks to retailers and stockists.

Catherine and her team were able to provide all of the images, icons, and a preferred layout, and needed someone to transfer the design from paper to a live website. With the time difference between the USA and Australia, the deadline was reduced from 24 hours to 15, once access to all the files were available.

FireShot Capture 7 - Wild Willett Food • Fruity Beef Jerky • No _ - https___www.wildwillettfood.com_.png
FireShot Capture 8 - Wild Willett Fruit Beef Jerky — Wild Wi_ - https___www.wildwillettfood.com_shop.png

Looking at the existing site, it was easier to start from scratch, and to work within the Squarespace features as much as possible. Custom coding was still required to match up certain design aspects to the drawings, but this was kept to a minimum so as not to affect the overall design, or impede any changes that the team may want to make in the future.

HLD created some of the graphics and background images based on the designs, linked up a mailing list, and optimised the in-built SEO functions to help Catherine’s site stand out on online searches.

With 30 minutes to go, the final touches were added, the site was transferred over to Catherine, and it was up and running for the expo. It may have been a rush job, but what a rush getting it completed within the deadline!