Why do I need a website?

Do you go online to look at things before you buy?  So do your potential customers.  If you do not have a website how do they know your company exists, or the types of products or services you sell?  Even having basic information displayed online such as opening times and your location, or information about an upcoming sale, as well as an option to send you an email enquiry could be the difference between a sale for you or your competitor. 


I already have a registered domain and website, can I still get a new website and keep the same domain name?

Sure – we just need the domain registration details and will swap those over so your domain name points to your new website.  Depending on the service provider it can take up to 3 days to swap over once the new details have been entered.


Can you write content for my website and / or find images?

Yes, we can!  We have experienced copywriters to write engaging content for your website, and we can add licensed images to your site before it goes live so you can see how it looks.  All work will be quoted before going ahead so you are in charge of the budget at all times.  


 And what about the payment terms?

Good question.  Once you have confirmed you would like to us to start on your website, we require 50% of the quoted amount in advance, and then the remaining 50% on completion.  We will keep you updated at each stage, and you get to see a draft version as soon as possible to make sure we are on the right track.  You can download our workflow guide HERE


How long will it take to finish my website? I'm in a hurry!

Well, we don't like to blow our own trumpet, but the fastest we have completed a website design has been within 2 days.  It all depends on how complex the features chosen are, what sort of content you are wanting to use, if you have access to all the images, videos, and written content all right away, or if we need to source all of that for you, etc. We will try to get your website completed as quickly as possible, but we will not rush to give you something below our usual high standards.  The maximum time frame would be two weeks. 


What if I want or need to change things on my website as my business grows?

That’s fine – we understand that business needs change overtime, and so will your website.  Our designs can change to fit your needs so you can relax knowing that side of your business is taken care of. You can choose to do them yourself, or let us take care of it for you.


Can I access my website to do my own updates?

Absolutely.  Once we have finalised the design and your website has gone live you get the login details.  You can then change your password so that only you have access and complete control….just keep that password in a safe place!