Time for an update?

Many small business owners think that once they have a built a website to promote their products and services online, that's it.  Not so.  Technology moves on, and those websites which were built 5 or 10 years ago are now looking outdated with hard to read text, and non mobile-responsive designs.

A website needs to be maintained - like your business.  When was it last updated?  Is the information displayed correct?  Is your website mobile friendly?  These small things can turn away potential customers, as they assume the company is unprofessional or low quality if the website looks cheap, or basic contact details are not kept up to date.  Visitors will simply click out of your website and search for another company in order to satisfy their needs. 

Today there are many new features that are now available to small business websites that were previously only accessible to large corporations.  Video backgrounds, scrolling galleries and images, search features and blog pages, even online stores.  All of these used to require complex coding and now can be accomplished with simple links and template set ups.  

Just recently I was privileged to be asked to update a family-run website dedicated to displaying works of art, biographies, and any additional information of their ancestor, and famous painter, Leon Trousset. 

This static html page was built in 2005 / 2006, with links to other pages to display additional information.  It was a basic design, and served as an online resource, but didn't really showcase the amazing work of Leon Trousset, or encourage others to find out more, as the site was not user friendly, and visitors had to click in and out of pages to view different pieces of artwork.    

By transferring the information to a new website design, the artwork was 'front and centre', more user friendly, and the entire site was given a new lease of life:

Kati created a fantastic website for us. Very quick turnaround, clear, easy, and prompt communication, and the website is awesome. Couldn’t be happier!
— Katie - on behalf of the Leon Trousset Family

If you're thinking of upgrading your website, why not get in touch and see what HLD can do for you?  It could be easier and more cost-effective than you think!