Sell on Instagram


Squarespace has recently launched new tools that allow you to tag and sell products from your Squarespace store on Instagram.

Make an impact by visually showcasing your products. Shoppable posts give Instagram users another avenue to discover your brand and your products. When you tag a product, users can tap the image to view product details and click through to buy it on your site — all without leaving the app. Linking your product catalog to Instagram is a great way to reach your audience where they’re already spending their time, share products with followers, and attract new customers. And with Squarespace’s built-in analytics, you can see how much traffic and sales your shoppable posts are driving through your online store.  

This feature is only available on some of the plans.  

If you're interested in learning more about how it all works, check out the online guide to see what you need to set it all up:

If you need some help setting it all up, or would like to upgrade your website so you can offer this feature to your followers on Instagram, get in touch!