Business Cards - Making the Right Impression

For small business owners, networking is an important part of building up their networks and referrals for work. When you meet a potential customer, or another business owner that can help you grow your business (and vice versa!), a business card is a simple, easy way to exchange contact information.


First Impressions

The quality of your business card can set the tone for how others see you and your business. When you’re starting out, there is a lot of money going out in order to set up your business - tools and equipment, rent, software & accounting packages, employees, furniture, etc…..and marketing materials seem to come last.

However, handing over a well designed business card to potential clients can speak volumes about your approach to business. Many may look for the cheapest option, just so they have cards to hand out, but is that really effective in the long run? Will a thin business card with a default design really make your business stand out?

A business card is an additional marketing tool that can be used not only to display your contact details and company name, but your specialised skillset or service areas. You may be speaking to a potential client about one area of your work, but your business card can also mention other services that you offer, and you may even get referrals from that one contact as well.

Time to update your business card?

If you’re not getting any response after handing out your card at networking events and trade shows, your business card may be the issue.

If your current business card looks cheap, or the information is out of date (for example, new contact number), or the print quality and design isn’t up to scratch when compared to other business cards, now may be the time to update your card.

Your business constantly changes as you grow or move direction, and so your business card (and even website) should also be updated to reflect those changes.


MOO Business Cards

I’ve been using MOO for the past few years, after I discovered they offered a print design option that was a little different - rounded edges! I find that this little touch really makes my cards stand out from the rest of the crowd. I’ve just ordered my latest batch of cards as my own contact details needed updating after returning from New Zealand, and really looking forward to getting them in the next few days!

Business cards can be expensive, so if you are considering getting your card redesigned, why not check out MOO, and if you click on the link below, you’ll get 20% off your first order!

business cards.jpg